art at the airport

Budgets are shrinking for the arts, and the Colorado Council on the Arts is facing big cuts, since Colorado is operating at a deficit.

BUT. . .despite that, there is a series of shows they have planned for two venues- The Denver International Airport, followed by the State Capital Building – that will put the spotlight on Colorado artists from four different regions.

One of my paintings was chosen, (I’m apparently from the Northwest region)

Departure, 20 x 18, oil on canvas, 2004

Departure, 20 x 18, oil on canvas, 2005

and I dropped it off at departure door #600 last week.  Next week, I’ll try and get a picture of the display of the exhibit, since I have to fly out to visit my mom.

yet another place where I have never shown my work!

If you are planning a trip, you can see the show at the junction of the “A” concourse, after walking over the bridge.

About nerskine

I've been a painter for over 35 years. I also draw and make monotypes, linocuts and other prints. I like tangled stuff.
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