Welcome to the online studio…

yeah,  this is sort of like finally caving and getting the first microwave!… I finally am getting organized about putting my work, and random thoughts about it and life in the studio, where more people can see it.

the door's open . ..
the door's open . ..

This year seems like a good time to start new endeavors.  A time for momentous changes – new paintings taking shape.  As I learn how to navigate around and use the tools, I will have images of work – recent and freshly resolved, as well as older.

Much more to come.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the online studio…

    1. Thanks so much Jhenna. John Davis was very supportive of my work, and I wish I could’ve gotten out to Ashland at least once. (used to live in Oregon in the later 70’s/early 80’s) I got a glimpse of what you do, and was very taken by the minimalist gesture and poetry of the still lifes, and also, loved the floral patterns in the background of many of them!

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